July 15th
All participants must land by 3 pm on July 15, 2017 at Bologna airport.
A charter bus will take everyone to Urbania. Expected arrival time in Urbania: 7 pm.
Accommodation will be offered as part of the course
Some voice lessons will take place
July 16th
Introductory meeting
Some voice lessons/coachings
Welcome dinner
July 17th-21st
Morning Italian language classes
Afternoon voice lessons and coachings
Evenings group classes/discussions
July 22nd+23rd
Trip to Verona and Venice
July 24th-28th
Mornings: Italian language classes
Afternoons and evenings: voice lessons, coachings and rehearsals preparing for concerts on 27th and 28th July
July 29th
All participants must book flights leaving Bologna from 1 pm onwards on Saturday, July 29. A charter bus will leave Urbania at 7.30 am and take everyone to the airport in Bologna